Camera Bundles

Should you buy a camera bundle?

You’ve seen cameras bundled with filters, auxiliary lenses, filters, and camera cases. Are they a good value?

Questions and Answers

Q1. Should you consider buying a camera bundle?

While there is no right or wrong answer, generally, camera bundles include photographic items that you don’t really need to buy.

Q2. The bundles usually include many lenses. Doesn’t that mean I should buy one? 

Although you can’t usually have too many lenses, sometimes the lenses in their bundles are of inferior quality.

Q3. Are some bundles good?

Sometimes. Bundles that are the identical price as the camera or the lens only but include a filter or a case might be a good bargain.

Q4. What do I do if I can’t determine if the bundle is worthwhile? 

Please feel free to contact me through the Facebook group so I can help you.