Canon R7

Mid-level yearbook camera

Mirrorless, APS-C Format

The Canon EOS R7 is an advanced mirrorless camera and is one of the best yearbook camera options.

It features a 45-megapixel full-frame sensor and Canon’s RF lens mount for compatibility with various lenses. The camera’s autofocus system is praised for its speed and accuracy in capturing fast-moving subjects. It offers multiple shooting modes and customization options, a high-resolution electronic viewfinder, and a vari-angle touchscreen for easy framing and navigation. The build quality is solid, with weather sealing for protection against dust and moisture.

The Canon EOS R7 will provide impressive image quality, excellent dynamic range, and low noise at high ISO settings. This combination will allow you to capture fantastic images at outdoor athletic events and inside your gym.

Overall, it is a capable and versatile camera that meets the demands of any yearbook staff, combining advanced features, excellent image quality, and a robust build.


  • Large 45-megapixel sensor
  •  Good photo quality
  •  Excellent dynamic range and
  •  Low noise at high ISO settings
  •  A fast and accurate autofocus system makes it suitable for capturing fast-moving subjects. Great for sports.
  •  The APS-C format gives a 70-200mm lens the same reach as a 112-320mm lens.
  •  Robust build quality
  • Weather sealed body


  • Not full-frame

Canon R7 sample images

Sample images from, Creative Commons License

How To Use the R7

How To Set Up the R7 Camera